Sara Moulton, The Healthy Plate: So you think you can't bake? Think again

published in Associated Press

Could baking bread really be as easy as [Jim Lahey] suggested?

7 Holiday Cookies We Love in New York City

published in Serious Eats

Sullivan Street Bakery might be famous for owner Jim Lahey's creative pizzas and his internet-viral no-knead bread recipe, but it offers some darn fine cookies, too.

The Wheat Lowdown

published in New York Times

Those of us who cook believe that you have to cook to eat; baking bread is different.

Sweet Eats: Bomboloni at Sullivan St Bakery

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"First off, let’s just get this out in the open: This might be one of the most delicious doughnuts you’ve ever had..."

Better bread starts with a sponge

published in Washington Post

When it comes to the romance of home-baked bread, nothing beats the notion of sourdough. It’s the Holy Grail of doughs...

Sullivan St Bakery's Jim Lahey Offering Super Bowl Sunday Takeout Chili

published in Grub Street

Because man cannot live by pane Pugliese alone, especially on Super Bowl Sunday (a.k.a. the biggest gorging day of the year aside from Thanksgiving), Sullivan St Bakery’s Jim Lahey is trying his hand at takeout bean-and-beef chili.

Chef's Story - Episode 30 - Jim Lahey

published in Heritage Radio Network

Dorothy Cann Hamilton, founder and CEO of The International Culinary Center, interviews Sullivan Street Bakery founder Jim Lahey.

Men who love to loaf around

published in MACLEAN'S

What’s not to like about a man who bakes his own bread?

New York’s Best Croissant

published in What We Like NYC

We recently discovered that Sullivan Street Bakery make the best croissant in New York City.  Maybe it’s the best in the world (sorry Paris, it really is very good).

A Sandwich a Day: Pollo at Sullivan Street Bakery Chelsea

published in Serious Eats

We were not prepared to love the Pollo Sandwich ($10) at Sullivan Street Bakery Chelsea so much. But we fell hard and fast. That sandwich was gone in minutes.

A Sandwich a Day: Prosciutto Sandwich at Sullivan Street Bakery Chelsea

published in Serious Eats

Simple is key here. Bread, cheese, meat, pickles. That's the Prosciutto Sandwich ($11) at the relatively new outpost of Sullivan Street Bakery in Chelsea—simple but really top-notch ingredients.

Daily Slice: Sullivan Street Bakery, NYC

published in Serious Eats

We've waxed poetic on Serious Eats about Sullivan Street Bakery, but Slice has yet to feature this little beauty of a slice.

Sullivan St Bakery's Delayed Chelsea Store Finally Welcomes Customers

published in Village Voice

Village Voice reporter Robert Sietsema sizes up breakfast at our new Sullivan St Bakery Chelsea location.

Off the Menu

published in New York Times

Just as he doesn’t rush the rise of his breads and pizzas, Jim Lahey has taken his time getting his new bakery and cafe open, a few doors north of Co., his pizza cafe in Chelsea.

Yes, You Can Make That!

published in Men's Health

Manly food projects for a tastier life—yours, including the best bread you've ever eaten.

How to Make the Perfect Grilled Pizza

published in Details

With just your grill and a little advice from Jim Lahey of New York City's Co. pizzeria, you can cook a pie like a pro.

American Bread

published in Saveur

Sullivan St Bakery's Truccione Saré is named one of the best loaves in America.

Sullivan Street Bakery’s Jim Lahey reveals secrets to no-knead crusts in new cookbook 'My Pizza'

published in Daily News

Inspired by pies sampled in Naples, Italy, chef and baker Jim Lahey caters to renewed interest in do-it-yourself.

Cook the Book: My Pizza

published in Serious Eats

Lahey is back with another revolutionary concept, No-Knead Pizza Dough, from his latest cookbook, My Pizza. For tips on stretching, topping and baking pizza dough, watch this video of Lahey making pizza at home.

Spring Pizza with Chef Jim Lahey

Serve up crowd-pleasing pizza in a fresh new way with a recipe for ham and peas pie. Plus, get a recipe for asparagus-avocado salad from chef and author Jim Lahey.

Cover Story: D.I.Y. Pie

published in Bon Appetit

Jim Lahey's no-knead pizza dough from his new cookbook, My Pizza, is the star of this fuss-free party. 

The Mad Baker of Sullivan St

published in New York

Sullivan St Bakery founder Jim Lahey helps cook up New York’s modern artisanal-bread movement.

Ed Levine'sTop 10 Potato Dishes

published in Serious Eats

Ed Levine named Sullivan St Bakery's pizza patate #3 on his top 10 potato dishes on Serious Eats.

The Minimalist Makes His Exit

published in New York Times

In Mark Bittman's final Minimalist column in The New York Times he declare's "Jim Lahey's no-knead bread, the most popular recipe I never invented"

The Top 10 Best Bread Bakeries in America

published in Bon Appétit

Sullivan Street Bakery has been named one of the top 10 bakeries in America! Such an honor.

Beautiful No-Brainer Bread

published in
You, your partner, your six-year-old kid: anyone can make sensational artisan bread with under 10 minutes of labour. It’s true!

Great Wedding Food: Tips from a Newly Married Critic

published in Time

Gluttony tends to be a solo pursuit, which is one reason food writers tend to have more knowledge than friends. No memorable high school drives down to the lake, no going on tour with the Dead, no trips to the All-Valley Karate Final — just an uninterrupted series of shameful and solitary feedings.

The 101 Best Sandwiches in New York

published in Grub Street New York

Grub Street New York's list of the best 101 sandwiches in NY

Bread-Obsessed Chef Jim Lahey Prefers Not to Refrigerate His Butter

published in New York Magazine

"I think what's happening now with food is that we're working to find standards," says Jim Lahey, proprietor of Sullivan Street Bakery and chief pizzaiolo at his restaurant Co.

Entry Level: Forging a Career in Carbohydrates

published in New York Times

"Gemma Matsuyama, 20, a baker at Sullivan Street Bakery, may have been culturally, if not genetically, predestined to end up in the culinary world."

A Taste of the Past - Episode 17 - Bread Baking with Jim Lahey

published in Heritage Radio Network

Linda Pelaccio sits down with Jim Lahey, the owner of Sullivan St Bakery. They talk about the origins of bread baking, and what makes "artisinal" bread.

A Guide to the Best Doughnuts in New York

published in Serious Eats

"Over at Sullivan Street Bakery in Hell's Kitchen, the bomboloni, are filled with either vanilla pastry cream or raspberry jam, but are of an entirely different breed."

"...we simply can't get enough of the pure vanilla flavor and luxurious mouthfeel of the bean-speckled filling."

I’m a no knead bread convert

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"Last year, I waxed on about how much I love baking bread for its long and tedious process, at the heart of which is kneading the dough."

"But the truth is, even though I love the bread-making process, I rarely find time for it outside the occasional weekend baking fest."

Pop: The Question

published in New York Magazine

Jim Lahey on Governor Paterson's recently proposed 18% "obesity tax" on non-diet soft drinks:

"Sex is a great calorie burner; how about tax incentives to have more sex?"

Let Them Eat Bread

published in Page Six Magazine

The Best Panettone Ever

published in Gourmet

No-Knead Bread Revisited - Video

published in The New York Times

Mark Bittman talks with breadmaster Jim Lahey about possible improvements to his celebrated no-knead recipe.

Half a Loaf

published in The Atlantic

When bakers break up, who gets custody of the recipes?

Best food: Hell’s Kitchen

published in Time Out New York

"For a heavenly baked-goods crawl..."