What kind of flour do you use? 

What kind of yeast do you use? 

At the bakery, we use a brand called SAF-Instant.  At home, if you're using the No-Knead method to make your own bread, it doesn't matter whether you use instant or another type of active dry yeast, since you are using such a small quantity. 

What is the shelf life of your breads? 

Can I freeze the bread? 

Are any of your breads not sourdough? 

I have a nut allergy.  Can I eat your bread? 

We make all bread in a facility that also uses milk, eggs, nuts, and (obviously) wheat.  Only our santi bread has walnuts in it, and we are very careful as to not cross-contaminate. 

When is the schiaccatta d'uva available? 

Our schiaccatta d'uva is available in the late summer and early autumn.  Call our stores for availability. 

When is panettone available? 

Our panettone is available from late November through December.  Call our stores for availability.