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Joaselyn Cruz

Director of Operations

Joaselyn oversees all of our departments and daily operations and is also responsible for the strategic planning of Sullivan Street Bakery inside and outside of NYC. A chef by training, with degrees from Ambrosia as well as the Culinary Institute of America, she was born and raised in Mexico City. She worked from a young age in her father’s company, where she learned early on to understand and appreciate the operations of a business from the ground up. She has since made her home in New York City, working for many years at hospitality leader Restaurant Associates. She was Director of Human Resources at Bombas y Control de Fluidos in Mexico City, and Director of Operations of Food and Beverage at L’Oreal Global Headquarters, Joaselyn run the retail division of Irving Farm Coffee Roasters. She is extremely passionate about food and ingredients, and finds a natural home at Sullivan Street Bakery, where she shares our devotion to the art and beauty of simple, untouched foods. Joaselyn requires very good coffee, knits in her spare time, practices yoga routinely, and loves her family above all else, particularly her gorgeous 110-pound Italian Mastiff, Pettra.